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Appointments & Procedures

Any"walk-in availability" will be posted on Instagram or Facebook but will still be treated as a last-minute appointment on a first-come first-served basis.


You can schedule a free phone or in-person consultation at any time. During the consultation we will discuss subject matter, placement, color options, and go over any questions you may have. 


To schedule a tattoo appointment, an $80-$100 deposit fee must be paid at the time of scheduling and will go towards the final cost of the tattoo. For full arm or leg sleeves, back pieces, larger panel sizes, or for anything that will be a multi-session tattoo piece(s), please ask your artist what their deposit will be to be considered a rolling deposit. 


Please also provide the following:

-First & last name

-Phone Number

-Email Address

-Location of the tattoo and approximate sizing

-Any details, photo references, color/black and grey

Duffy is currently operating at $175 per hour and also offers per piece pricing and full/half day sessions. Deposits can be made via Venmo @dancinggoattattoo or via cash. Cash is preferred at the time of the tattoo appointment. 


Grant is currently operating at apprenticeship rates and his prices will adjust as his skills develop. Cash is preferred at the time of any appointment and tips for his work is greatly appreciated. Take advantage of his apprentice pricing while you can because he is growing quickly! 

We do not take credit, debit, or checks!

Deposits and why?

What's the purpose of a deposit?

Our time and your time is valuable. Deposits commission the artist(s) to begin any drafting and drawing process. Any art that is produced (unless otherwise requested by the client) is a custom piece that has taken time to research the material and draw every component from scratch. We do not "copy/paste" any design unless specifically requested to. Deposits are nonrefundable!


What is allowed with a deposit?

- 1 reschedule (due to work/emergencies/personal) 5 days minimum before the original appointment

- Guarantees the day & time of your appointment

- Deposit is deducted from the final tattoo cost

- Can be considered "rolling" for multi-session pieces and is applied to the final appointment


What can cause your deposit to be forfeited and non-refundable?

- Abrupt cancellations within 72 hours of the original appointment

- Needing to reschedule more than once due to any reason (see below)

- If at the time of your appointment you dislike any draft, small changes can be made immediately; however, if you want a completely different drawing and/or concept, another deposit is required to reschedule

- No call, no show

- If you are 30 minutes late or more to your appointment, you will need to be rescheduled with a new deposit. 

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