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Grant Thornbury
Apprentice Artist

Now Tattooing & Accepting Walk-Ins

New Hampshire original, Grant moved to Nashville years ago and previously worked in IT. While there, he dipped his toe into the tattoo community and had a short apprenticeship; however, 2022 was a huge year of growth and had lots of changes! Since then, Grant decided to move to Chattanooga, marry his best friend, Rachael, and get back to his roots of art and exploration of the tattoo world. 

In his spare time, he and his wife love to hike and travel across the country and explore any chance they can. He's a huge fan of comedy and also use to perform lots of open mic nights when he lived in Nashvegas. 

Grant naturally gravitates to American Traditional art, cartoon work, and is always up to the challenge of coming up with some wacky, funny pieces too!

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