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Jon Clue

- Now Accepting New Clientele! - 

All the way from Brooklyn, Jon Clue has recently relocated to our beautiful city of Chattanooga and is excited to work with you towards your new ideas! With nearly 30 years of experience, he has traveled throughout the country and abroad making huge contributions to the Bio Organic world. As a full-time painter and tattoo artist his work speaks for itself. Jon is among the legends in the tattoo realm and has collaborated with others such as Guy Aitchison, Arron Cain, Filip Leu, and Shige with his artwork being featured in the biggest publications in the trade; Tattoo Burst, Tattoo, Skin Deep, Society.

Jon is best known for his attention to detail and the textures he creates with Bio Organic, Neotraditional and Space Galaxy tattoos of all kinds. Cosmic landscapes inhabited by critters from slithering reptilians, to slimy amphibians, or creatures of the deep with glowing appendages are where he thrives. Need something on the darker side of life with images of skulls and bones and strange landscapes only seen in thrillers and sci-fi? He's your guy! Let him bring your out-of-this-world ideas to life!

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